Increase your control over your inventory management with our artificial intelligence-powered solution

Powered by artificial intelligence


Raise your company’s performance level to new heights

Set your priorities with precision

Increase availability by knowing your trends

Reduce your inventories while creating new profits

Control your inventory management with mastery

A feature-loaded and powerful inventory management solution

IMAFS is loaded with features that automate the computing process and the optimization of your inventory parameters on a monthly basis (classes, safety stock, minimum, maximum, lot sizes, forecasts and lead times).

A minimalistic and transparent integration

With its sophisticated but minimalistic and proven user interface, IMAFS can connect with transactional systems (ERP, EAM/CMMS, WMS) from most major brands.

A team of experts always on the ready to train and assist you

We are experts in inventory management and we continuously perfect our expertise by observing the current and upcoming trends and by following new developments in inventory optimization and forecasting powered by AI to better assist and/or train you and your team.

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