Discover how IMAFS can help you increase your company’s financial performance by greatly improving your inventory management through state-of-the-art optimization

IMAFS has an ROI evaluation program that will demonstrate its power, precision, accuracy, and reliability.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

If you still have any doubts that IMAFS is the right inventory management and optimization assistant for your organization, we are so confident in our capabilities and our claims that we will offer to simulate how our solution will perform on a sample of your current data. Results will speak for themselves. All you need to do is contact us so we can set you up and let you take IMAFS for a spin!

What this simulation provide:
  • An accurate picture of your inventory and your service level
  • An evaluation of the inventory required to reach your service objectives successfully
  • A demonstration of the potential inventory reduction at the same service level offered today
  • An estimate of the potential savings you can generate through inventory optimization
  • An evaluation of the return on investment (ROI) and the timeframe to achieve it

Integrating IMAFS to your inventory management workflow is a no brainer. The savings you’ll generate alone will most probably pay for the whole thing yearly. So as you can imagine, instead of trying to find a new budget to invest in IMAFS, you will essentially use the money you generated in savings (currently a potential loss due to the excess inventory on hand) to finance this powerful solution. In short, IMAFS pays for itself through the savings it helps you generate.

The next step is for you to contact us to get the ball rolling.

We’re looking forward to it!

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The results speak for themselves

IMAFS offers its customers a significant reduction of inventory as well as service and performance improvements, all at a more affordable monthly cost

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